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2017 Transcomm Awards

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1. All entries must be posted to the TransComm Awards portal by June 6, 2017 at 5 p.m. ET. Entries posted after the deadline shall not be judged, unless there are extenuating circumstances that caused the delay. If a late entry is posted, the judging state shall contact the entrant to determine what, if any, extenuating circumstances caused the delay. It shall be at the judging state’s sole discretion to accept or reject the entry based on the explanation provided. If a state is disqualified, or if there are questions about whether an entry should be accepted, contact Awards Committee Chair Tim Tait at ttait@azdot.gov.   

2. Check to make sure all the entries posted under your category apply to the category being judged. If an entry was incorrectly posted, work with the Awards Committee Chair to move it to the correct category. Notify the entrant that their entry is being moved.

3. Make sure the entry rules were followed. If an entry is disqualified, notify the affected state.

4. Only one entry per state within each category can be accepted. If two or more entries are received from the same state within the same category, all entries from that state (in that category) are disqualified from judging. If entries are disqualified, notify the affected state.

5. Form a three-member judging panel. Ideally, the panel should include:

  • One professional communicator from the private sector.
  • One professional communicator from the public sector.
  • Someone from the target audience.

6. Each judge must provide comments on all entries. Feedback is the most valued part of this process. Make sure to fill out the judging form at the portal completely.

7. Pick a winner! Only one winner per category may be selected; ties are not allowed. Judging states are not required to select a winner, if they determine no entries meet the appropriate standards or no entries are received.

8. Complete all judging entries no later than June 23, 2017.